Bless me Father: an insight into the Catholic Church, penned by an Australian author

Bless me, Father” traces the life of a young Italian migrant to Australia, through his early days in the southern Sydney suburb of Cronulla, where he was faced with racism and worse, sexual abuse by the very authority he had grown to trust, believing he would emulate them as a priest later in life. The death of a close friend sees the protagonist, Anthony Fabrizzi, leave Australia in search of his brother who was then posted in Vietnam during the war of the 60’s and 70’s.

After the war

Returning from Nam, he again embraces the Roman Catholic Church because of the influence of a close family friend, but this time he would complete his theological studies in Rome. At the Vatican he discovers atrocities of unspeakable nature. Those involved know he has evidence so now he must escape, not only to save himself, but also the life of the only woman he has ever loved. Their relationship is interwoven through the book becoming a pivotal point for many of Fabrizzi’s actions.
Author Robert Zammi

How much of ‘Bless me, Father’ is true?

At the end, the reader is left wondering: “how much of this is true?” Classified as historical fiction, many chronicled events make it difficult to separate fact from fiction; read it and you decide what is real, but suffice to say that Cardinal Pell, former Archbishop of Sydney and now controller of Vatican finances in Rome is not happy the book is available.  
Robert Zammi  author of Bless me father

About the Author, Robert Zammit:

Robert Zammit was born in Alexandria, Egypt to an Italian mother and a Maltese/Italian father. His family emigrated to Australia, settling for a few years in Cronulla where Robert went to school. Leaving school at the end of year eleven, he completed his schooling at TAFE college then onto to Sydney University where he graduated in 1977 as a Bachelor of Veterinary Science. Robert continues practice as a veterinarian and works and lives in an outer suburb of Sydney, with his family and their multitude of dogs, cats, birds, horses and the occasional big cat!
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